Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sacred Sunday October 9, 2016.


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Newmarket Racecourses: The Home of Racing - July Festival ...

Newmarket Racecourse is the Home of Racing with 39 fantastic race days in 2015. Top Quality Racing, Fantastic Themed Days & Live Music Events.

Royal Ascot Saturday 15, October 2016. 



JMC: Animals who could or can kill fast: 

JMC:  Balance, timing,  hands this young man, or is this a young
woman? Has earned his, her own "true bloodhorse literate copyright
rating. But instead is trapped in a male Tory government bloodhorse illiterate
corrupt minimum / living wage scam. To be able to canter a racehorse in training as this photographs reveals this rider has achieved her-his own "Copyright Rating. " This fact alone should regulate a decent wage structure table.  A fee of  £200.00 + Plus per hour as demanded by the British Legal Justice System such as it is, or is not, at present. There has always to be a true guide wage scale. 

 AIM, Ability, Wage Structure: A Ladder Structure: The only Fair, Honest, 

Decent and Reasonable Wage Structure there is. Inclusive of an honest career 

development program, to include an interval top-up skill facility.    

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Let the horses do the talking

The moving story of
Blushing ET


JMC: People all over the world in or out of prison who are attempting to exist, to survive whilst attempting to live on through having suffered a broken life terror, something that mentally scares them, breaks them, for the rest of their lives. Same as can happen to children.  Same as can happen to some racehorses yearlings and two year olds, as well as older racehorses. As Monty Roberts found had happened to Blushing ET. Monty was able to work with Blushing ET and succeeded in getting his confidence back. The big problem however that Monty realised, when he sent Blushing ET back to his owners, ET could so quickly get in the wrong hands again.

Monty Roberts Documentary

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