Saturday, 27 October 2018

Sacred Sunday October 28 and Saturday October 27 2018

 USA for Africa - We are the World We are the People:   
Angela Merkel asks: 

AM: “What does Britain really want?”

JMC: "Who knows?"

VD: What does Brexit mean for you?


Royal Cypher of Queen Elizabeth II.svg

Queen of Our World:

QE11: Founder of Bloodhorse Literate Global Horseracing:

JMC: Praying For Our Royal Family and Our Pope Francis:


13 Sep 2017 - She may be the monarch of all 16 of these realms, but first and foremost, she's theQueen of the United Kingdom, which includes not only England, but also Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Here she is at the Braemar Highland Gathering, a sporting event in Braemar, Scotland, in 2012.

2 hours ago - Royal Tour, Day 7: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Fraser Island .... most intimate moments on Prince Harry's mammoth Australian tour, .

JMC: Our hearts are hurting, as the savage murder that Jamal Khashoggi
 suffered is revealed:

Clocks go back an hour on Sunday 28 October in the UK, something countries 
around the world have been doing for more than a century.

Ground Control to Major Tom

JMC: It is horror and hurt that break and damage human beings minds:

JMC: The failure of parents and schools is reflected later in prisons: 

1971 Cambridgeshire (King Midas) which Des said was the 
best horse he ever sat on.
Global Horseracing:
UK Political/Legal Dark-Age Opinion Vote:

JMC: Since when has "Legal Illiteracy become a Crime?

 Fake UK: Law: Fake European Union Law: Fake Global Law:

Global Law needs to embrace all life Human Rights: 

When does Bloodhorse Illiteracy become a crime? 

Monty Roberts Book:
 The Man Who Listens To Horses: 

MR: What is the best thing the Queen has ever done for British horses?-introduced Monty Monty Roberts to British breeders and trainers. What happens when a top race horse refuses to race? - they call in Monty. Who can get a wild horse happily accepting a saddle and riders in half an hour? - Monty Where do senior executives of Disney go for a brainstorming weekend? -Monty's California ranch. Who was Elizabeth Taylor's riding double in National Velvet? Who was James Dean driving to see when he was killed? Who communicates with horses better than anyone else in the world?-Monty Roberts.

Queen Elizabeth 11
7 Mar 2017 - Uploaded by The New Royalty World TV 

Clocks go back an hour tonight Saturday October 27 in the UK, something 
countries around the world have been doing for more than a century.

JMC: We do not want our little babies having to
experience the terror of war,  anytime in their lives.
We come into this world fragile and helpless.
next the human journey:
Many of us leave this world fragile and helpless. 

JMC: As babies we enter this world inheriting
the times we are born in. A world
developed and gifted to us by others.
We owe everything before we own anything.

The Baptism in Holy Spirit, Catholic Charismatic Renewal,
 A New Evangelization
"They had no idea what to do:"
"A new awareness of Jesus:"

"A new alertness"
The Baptism in Holy Spirit, Catholic Charismatic Renewal, & The New Evangelization"

 Along life's journey many of us choose to get married.

Singing priest's Hallelujah wows wedding guests: