Saturday, 24 November 2018

Sacred Sunday November 25, 2018:

 USA for Africa - We are the World We are the People:   

Angela Merkel asks: 

AM: “What does Britain really want?”

JMC: "Who knows?"

VD: What does Brexit mean for you? 

NF: We want our country back: 


Royal Cypher of Queen Elizabeth II.svg

QE11: Founder of Bloodhorse Literate Global Horseracing:

JMC: Praying For Our Royal Family and Our Pope Francis:


13 Sep 2017 - She may be the monarch of all 16 of these realms, but first and foremost, she's theQueen of the United Kingdom, which includes not only England, but also Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Here she is at the Braemar Highland Gathering, a sporting event in Braemar, Scotland, in 2012.

PL: AN: Our Queen Elizabeth 11 is going to ask Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn 
to form his Labour Party to take over the governing of the UK, if needs be: 

Don’t Push It –  AP McCoy - Win Grand National  2010: › News › UK

   Racing Post: 

British: European: Global Horseracing: 

Racing Post: Horse Racing Cards, Results & Betting

JMC: Review of Horseracing’s Bloodhorse Literate Global
 “Whip Tactics:”
In perspective the whip is a punishment tool:
Charles Dickens in his novel Oliver Twist portrayed the cruel reality of
 this punishment tool: Timeline 1812 - 1870

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